Helping our local community

Tracking down lost people

Private investigators have the expertise to trace down a missing person for personal or corporate reasons. Read more.

Family Mediation

Whether you are facing marital problems, having to deal with domestic violence or deciding on custody of the children; our team understand that seeking advice or assistance with the very personal and emotional issues involved in family matters can be very stressful in itself, without the need to search for a trusted legal adviser.

Promoting equality

Equality officers have an aim of promoting good relations and practices towards minority groups in the UK. They work alongside community services to help those who experience forms of discrimination. Read more.


Benefits of Access Cards

An access card is a card with a chip or magnetic stripe (much like a debit or credit card) which…

Consumer Rights Explained

Introduction As consumers we have all at some time or other had to return faulty goods that have let us…

Benefits of making a will

Why should you make a will? You can provide for those you wish to benefit. You can minimise the Capital…

What is No Win, No Fee Accident Claim?

  At the starting of a personal injury claims you have to sign a no win no fee agreement with…

Find out what's involved when becoming a police officer

Our police recruitment guide has been creating by a combination of current serving police recruitment assessors, successful applicants and current service officers. Click here for more.

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