Benefits of Access Cards


Benefits of Access Cards

An access card is a card with a chip or magnetic stripe (much like a debit or credit card) which are used to open doors that are electronically locked.

The card works as the chip or magnetic stripe of the card interacts with the card reader placed to the side of the door and grants access. Read more on access control today.

The advantages of using Access Cards in your Office

Access cards are a great way of ensuring only authorised people to enter your office. This is good for the security of your staff but also the security of the data you store.

Unlike keys, cards do not have to be replaced if a new card reader is put in place. These can be quickly updated through a software update, helping you save costs.

The cards can be reconfigured without having to be entirely replaced, saving money on having to make new ones all over again as you would with keys and a new lock.

Access cards are easy to fit into a pocket or wallet as they are a small rectangular shape as compared to the various shapes and sizes of keys. Improving office security.

Many access cards can be created to identify specific people in your business. Those who wear it as a lanyard rather than tuck it away can be identified throughout the building by staff and visitors alike.

If necessary, access cards can grant authorisation to different areas of a building in the same business depending on the rank of the employee.

You may have areas only certain employees are authorised to enter so every member of staff can get in the building while not going anywhere they’re not supposed to.

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