Legal services that help the local community

Legal services that help the local community

Tracking down lost people

Private investigators have the expertise to trace down a missing person for personal or corporate reasons. We recommend using Private Detective London for your tracing needs as they offer 3 related services that could help you. Click here.

  • Missing person
  • Beneficiary tracing
  • Debtor tracing

By hiring this team, you will receive professionals who have undertaken intense training to reach their level of expertise. They will be able to locate distant relatives or somebody who has ran from paying large bills. PDL offer additional options so clients like you can benefit from what is found and to create a solution for you. Call 0203 747 1865.

Keeping your family together

Family mediation helps families that are going through conflict, which is often due to divorce. It is becoming the preferred choice of resolving any family issues, especially where children are involved. Find a local.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to resolve conflict and come to a reasonable agreement
  • It is voluntary and is completely confidential
  • A safe and unbiased opinion on issues

Rather than using a solicitor, a mediator gives you the opportunity to stay in control of your decision making. A solicitor however, can give you advice regarding financial issues and other legal problems.

Promoting equality

Equality officers have an aim of promoting good relations and practices towards minority groups in the UK. They work alongside community services to help those who experience forms of discrimination. Read more.

Various strands consist of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Race

Equality officers aim to promote these in schools, workplaces and social areas as these places are where they most often occur.