What is No Win, No Fee Accident Claim?

What is No Win, No Fee Accident Claim?


At the starting of a personal injury claims you have to sign a no win no fee agreement with a solicitor. The mean of it weather you win or loss your compensation claims your personal injury solicitors will not have the right to charge you for their fees.

How much will it cost me?

In nearly all cases NOTHING.

If we are able to offer you a No Win No Fee accident claims agreement; if you lose, you pay us nothing. If you win, we recover your costs from the losing party after you have been sent all of your compensation without any deductions.

There are a few exceptions to this rule and for more information please see our frequently asked questions page:

Accident claim back injury

A back injury can be life-altering, and can end with grave results. Whether it is a car, work or any other type of accident resulting in back-injury, if you are not at fault you may be able to file a no win no fee accident claims for back injury and receive back injury compensation. There is no reason to suffer medically and financially for an accident you did not cause.

In UK most of the adult are suffered with Back injury the number of no win, no fee accident claims being made for back injuries in the workplace indicates that occupational back injuries are a widespread problem in the UK

A successful no win, no fee accident claims

If your personal injury claim is successful, as the majority of the cases that our solicitors handle are, all disbursements and fees that have been incurred during the process of claiming will be paid by your opponent or their insurer.

In certain cases, the law allows personal injury solicitors to charge a success fee to cover the risk of not getting their fees paid under the no win, no fee scheme. Although some firms may pass this fee on to you, our solicitors will recover it from your opponent.

Won cases mean that you will not be responsible for any payments to us or anyone else throughout your successful personal injury claim, and that you will keep every penny of the compensation that is awarded to you.

How will your claim be funded: Made Simple (breaking down the barriers)

This is often a big worry to clients and it is our aim to put your mind at rest at the outset. We will explain to you in detail at our first meeting the different types of funding available to you.

If in doubt, never be afraid to ask.

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